In Love And War

Great review of Alex Preston’s In Love and War with a link to Liliana Cavani’s fascinating documentary about the Italian women who took part in the resistance movement during WW2


In my view, any novel which opens at Croydon Aerodrome is off to a good start. In April 1937, Esmond Lowndes – looking out of a Dragon Rapide, with only the pilot for company – is waved or, rather, saluted off by his ferociously Mosleyite parents. Sent down in disgrace from Cambridge after an affair with a male student, he must redeem himself on a mission for the British Union of Fascists. His destination: Florence.

But this isn’t the beginning of just any novel – this is the beginning of Alex Preston‘s In Love And War.

Alex Preston [photo © Katie Hall] Alex Preston [photo © Katie Hall] Esmond steps into the rarefied atmosphere of the British Institute and is soon embraced by the expat community: a curious mix of aesthetes, retired colonels, the former mistress of a king and a priest who is rumoured to be not as he seems. But their version of Florence – in which there will always be a villa or a corner of an olive…

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