Slade House by David Mitchell

Entertaining if a bit predictable. Basically a shorter version of The Bone Clocks starring the ubiquitous Dr Marinus and featuring various other characters from other Mitchell novels. For me this joke/motif is beginning to wear thin. Essentially this is light entertainment rather than literature. And begs the question, what has happened to Mitchell’s ambition? Has he already peaked with Cloud Atlas and The Thousand Autumns? This, rather like the Bone Clocks, felt like he was going through the motions, having fun but not challenging himself. Worryingly he’s prepared the terrain for a sequel. I’ve also heard there’s going to be a sequel to A Thousand Autumns, a serious book with an undertow of whimsy; you sense the sequel will be a whimsical book with an undertow of seriousness. Personally I’ve now had quite enough of the whimsy of Dr Marinus and the Horologists. I’ve never read Harry Potter but I suspect Rowling is much better at this stuff than Mitchell.

David Mitchell Portrait Session

PARIS, FRANCE – DECEMBER 14: English writer David Mitchell poses during a portrait session held on December 14, 2011 in Paris, France. (Photo by Ulf Andersen/Getty Images)


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